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Empowering your project
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The YOSTUDENT platform has immense potential to revolutionize education through the use of blockchain technology. The platform provides secure, decentralized access to learning and skills advancement, while also enabling educators to create customized courses. Transactions are automated through smart contracts, making it a cost-effective solution for all stakeholders. The platform has the potential to bridge the skills gap and democratize education, offering equal access to learning globally, leading to positive social and economic impact on a global scale.


Developer : Jobajuba Digital Studio (UK)

ICO : March 23, 2022

Category : Technology


Chain : ERC20

Total Supply : 23 Billion

Transforming Education with YOSTUDENT


YOSTUDENT is a cutting-edge virtual learning platform that has revolutionized the way education is delivered and received. The company behind this innovative technology, JOBAJUBA DIGITAL STUDIO, has leveraged the power of blockchain technology to bring a new level of flexibility and customization to the field of education.


Traditional education models have become outdated and do not cater to the needs of today's students. The one-size-fits-all approach to education fails to take into account individual learning styles and needs. This has led to a growing demand for personalized and flexible education solutions.


JOBAJUBA DIGITAL STUDIO recognized the need for a more innovative and customizable approach to education and developed the YOSTUDENT protocol. This blockchain-based platform enables students to create and participate in a virtual world of study. It provides freelancers, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and institutions with the ability to create and customize courses that meet the needs of their specific audience.


YOSTUDENT continues to revolutionize the world of virtual learning through its blockchain-based platform. Developed by JOBAJUBA DIGITAL STUDIO, the platform leverages smart contracts to automate transactions between cryptocurrency tokens across multiple chain networks, including the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain.

As an educational blockchain platform, YOSTUDENT empowers students to be a part of a virtual learning community. It also provides freelancers, innovators, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and institutions the ability to create and customize courses tailored to their needs and those of their partners. With its task-driven approach and integrated, adaptive learning management system, YOSTUDENT ensures that each learner is able to receive a customized and student-centered education experience.

The impact of YOSTUDENT continues to grow, making virtual learning more accessible and effective for individuals and organizations alike."


The YOSTUDENT platform revolutionizes the traditional virtual learning experience through its innovative use of blockchain technology. With its ability to automate transactions and enable customizable courses, it provides a learner-centric approach that meets the unique needs of each student and organization. The platform, developed by JOBAJUBA DIGITAL STUDIO, demonstrates the potential of blockchain in transforming the education industry and provides a model for future advancements in technology-assisted learning.


Yumpie, the scalable cryptocurrency for the YOSTUDENT platform, seamlessly integrates into the virtual learning experience, providing students and organizations with a secure and efficient method of exchanging value within the platform.

Additionally, the YOSTUDENT platform utilizes the Yumpie cryptocurrency to facilitate transactions within the virtual learning environment. This allows for secure and seamless payments between students, freelancers, institutions, and businesses. The scalability of the Yumpie currency enables the platform to handle increasing amounts of transactions as the platform continues to grow and expand.

By integrating cryptocurrency into the virtual learning platform, YOSTUDENT has created a secure, efficient, and user-friendly system that streamlines the process of acquiring and exchanging knowledge. This innovative approach has revolutionized the traditional model of education and has the potential to greatly impact the future of learning.

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